Rheza Arden Wiguna

Born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia on 30th December 1991, this will be his first feature-length documentary alongside his co-director and college mate Banu Wirandoko. With an educational background in Fine Arts, majoring in Intermedia Art, Rheza has refined taste for visual arts. His passion for motion picture has started since he was young, following the works of the legendary Ghibli Studio. He is known for his child-like whimsical visual imagination, instilling organic visual discoveries in his works. Combined with the keen musical sense and sensitivity towards storytelling of the co-director; Banu Wirandoko, they make a great team of directors.

In 2012 he and the co-director of this film founded Seeds Motion, a multidisciplinary design studio, focusing on motion picture storytelling using various techniques from stopmotion to projection mapping. Previously, Seeds Motion, under Rheza and Banu’s creative leadership, focused on short non-narrative documentaries commissioned by the sculptor, Nyoman Nuarta. Other than commissioned works from the GWK sculptor, Seeds Motion also spent some time in the advertising industry creating audiovisual content for commercial brands.