Samarang Noodle House

All noodle houses across Java come with reputations, but the great ones like Bakmi Jowo Doel Noemani in Samarang don’t earn theirs from their décor - it’s all about what ends up on the plate. And being hard to find is part of the attraction – this place has moved locations many times and often seems to just vanish, only to reappear in another location as if by magic. The secret is to follow the locals.

No door separates the fan driven charcoal-fired kitchen from the green dining tables, cats are on the prowl for any drops of food. Shelves are stacked with uncooked noodles, buckets of sauces, and handfuls of ingredients.

The cooks operate with calm precision as the noodles are cooked with sauce, meat and topped with shallots.

The cat looks on hopefully as all the noodles disappear off the plates – but there is never any leftovers in Bakmi Jowo Doel Noemani. This place proves the old theory that the best food comes from the humblest kitchens!


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