Maulana Aziz

Aziz, as he is called by his peers, studied Communication Studies in one of the best state universities in Indonesia, majoring in Broadcasting Industry. He has worked under the leading Indonesian film and advertising industry experts such as Joko Anwar and Robin Moran. Actively involved in every stage of production, Aziz’s keen observation skills combined with learning-by-doing and make-do attitude has been an important element for the production he has been involved in. 


In 2016, Aziz joined Seeds Motion to become the only producer in the team. He created the groundwork for Seeds Motion to thrive in the commercial industry. With connections in the advertising industry, Aziz pulled commercial productions to be executed by Seeds Motion, putting Seeds Motion in the industry’s radar. By 2017 he was appointed as a co-founder of Seeds Motion alongside the directors, Rheza Arden Wiguna and Banu Wirandoko.