Duration: 86 - 88 minutes

Production Start: 2014

Production End: 2020

Production House: Seeds Motion

In Association with: GFS Indonesia and Phiwedari


Rheza Arden Wiguna

Banu Wirandoko


​Maulana Aziz

In 1990 famed Balinese sculptor Nyoman Nuarta set himself a truly monumental task – to design and build what would be the largest statue on Earth*.

One of the pioneers of the Indonesian New Art movement, the successful artist had made big statues before, but nothing on this scale had ever been attempted.

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) would portray the great Hindu god Wisnu mounted on the back of his faithful sacred bird the Garuda.

It would be the most massive statue ever constructed - 121 metres (400 feet) tall, 64 metres (200 feet) across and constructed of over 3,000 tonnes of copper, bronze and steel.

A sacred monument the size of a 25-story building.

Ever the optimist, Nuarta acquired an abandoned limestone quarry overlooking Bali’s capital, Denpasar, and announced he would construct the gargantuan project there in three years.

It would take 28 years.

This is the story of how one determined man sculpted a giant, and conquered the odds.

In his quest to create his gargantuan statue, Nuarta and his loyal family endured almost three decades of set-backs, ill fortune and controversy. Seemingly everything that could go wrong did so – from devastating fires to scandal; death threats to a national financial crisis. The GWK project was seemingly besieged by challenges and ill fortune from the start – but one family’s determination to see the project through would overcome all of them.

In 2018, 28 years after Nyoman Nuarta began his masterwork, the GWK was triumphantly opened as the centrepiece of a 60-acre cultural park and one of the largest and most staggering statues on Earth.

A giant monument to Indonesia, Lord Vishnu and his faithful flying steed, but also a monument to the power of belief, of one’s man’s determination to create one of the most astounding works of art ever created.

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